Dental Technology Census

How would you describe your dental self?

  • Always one of the first in line to try a new technology. A gadget geek.
  • I research and am interested in the latest technologies, but tend to wait until they’re used and have a track record.
  • Skeptical and need to see a definite, measurable benefit to my practice before purchasing.

Now, how would you describe other dentists? That’s harder to answer, right?

A way to learn more

Inquantive Research, an information services company, is conducting a comprehensive survey of US dentists to gather insight into the profession’s interest in and experiences with technology.

Inquantive is looking for your help with this effort, which is called Dental Technology Census 2018.

Why participate?

Participating will help Inquantive gather accurate, broad-scale information to help you navigate the rapid developments in the marketplace, focus on what’s important to your practice, and make smart purchasing decisions.

What the census covers

Dental Technology Census 2018 focuses on hardware/software systems, like digital imaging, CAD/CAM, lasers, etc. You’ll be able to tell Inquantive what you own and use and how it impacts your practice. They’ll also ask about what you plan to purchase.

This information will allow Inquantive to develop a profile of US dentists that will tell you where you stand among colleagues and provide a view into the future.

No time like the present

Please take the census now by clicking the link below. It will take only a few minutes and you’ll be providing a great service to your profession and yourself. Be heard. It’s important.